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Fengshui of Architectural application for modern city through
Yang Gong Fengshui

For the environment of a modern city , it is different of the nature environment of counrty (village). In mainly there are dragon, watergate, mountain and so on .How to use fengshui in architectural field ? First you can use tradition method.. But some environment of a modern city had been broken( changed), some fengshui element had been weak, meanwhile most of modern buildings are vrty high and close,also complicated . So there is much difference between modern architecture(buildings) to tradition country(village) architrcture (buildings) of their form. It affect that tradition fengshui theory and practice applied in modern city architecture must accord to the individual condition to audit and dispose. However the shapes , function , environment are all different between modern building to tradition building. But also both of two kinds of the buildings have some tradition fengshui problems. Now lots of citizen pay attention to fengshui. That because the two key poins of fengshui principl are environment and sight ,let griding shengQi gbecome detail form, Technically speaking , all the architectural fengshui mention these two problems. Hence here we try to discuss the modern building fengshui .
1. selection land for houses or buildings
Selecing land is the first element for a building, for example about a primary school of a chinese samll town . in 2005 ,there are more than 100 students left the world by the visitation of Providence, how sad it is! So why like this ? Just because the land of the primary hadnft been chose currectly. Althought the modern material is better then before, materials are all firm and beautiful ,but if you hadnft chose good land for the building ,it also occur lots of accidents accidently . Now let we use office to explain.
Office is the most important seat for people to work everyday. Most time of officefs environment is quiet ,but whether everyone all can enjoy their work and produce good achievement or not .it contacts with the environment of the building , it mentioned fengshui problem, then such as the position , shaps, layout of the office, all of these are the main elements that will affect the officefs Fengshui. All in all ,the detail as folloe: gshih, gxingh,hgeh and gxingh etc fengshuifs inside elements.
Shi(势)------------the external environment of the office
XingiŒ`j----------the external shape of the office
Ge-iŠij------------the internal shape and level layout of the office
Xingi«j-----------the material and colour of the offcie
(1). gShihthe external environment of office , it mainly mentions the buildingfs surrounding mountains, dragons, streams, lakes and so on , and the environment of external space, for example the shape and position of surrounding buildings ,roads, strees and so on .
Firstly ,the one of most important points for a officefs fengshui is position, auditing a xuefs position is good or not .
A. whether can see dragons ,if can ,that is to say this is the center of the prospering area for a city .
B. whether can see streams,
C. whether has mountains and in-coming dragons in the back side
D. Feeling the surrounding atmosphere and environment is comfortable or not ,the transpotation is convenient or not ,the external Qi and so on elements all affect fengshui.
The officefs environment is quiet and becautiful, not only to consider the buildingfs light and wind(atmosphere),but also consider the fengshuifs element and nature effect, all of these are the gshihthat fengshui environmnet takes into account.
For example by HongKong, most writing buildings(office buildings) are good at gshih.that because there are beautiful mountains in the back side , and meanwhile facing the good water.
(2 ).xingishapejiŒ`j----the office buildingfs external shape, it relates with the designing of buildingfs external shape and internal space shape.
Causing the five elementfs formular has took into peoplefs head, hence making an analysis from Ying Yang five elements, the external shape is simple and clear, meaning itfs Yang. If the shape is compound(uneven) ,then itfs meaning Ying , all in all the Ying and Yang must be in balance. The shape ,top , window ,door all of a building can appear the five elementfs Qi nen( Qi function), for example, the high and tine roof can produce gfireh Qi Function , straight and hight pillar can produce gwoodenh QI Function,then the round window can produce gmetalh Qi Function. So as to let the building relate with surrounding buildings in harmony, what the above-mentioned is gxingh in fengshui field.
In the modern time , the buildingsfs shape are all very complicated, it is very creatived, for exmaple ,one main buildingfs curve shape is gwaterh, the entrance buildingfs shape is pyramidal, it belong to gFireh,so according to the fengshuifs principle ,water ke fire, the main building and the entrance building donft accord with each other. Hence technically speaking ,the total fengshui is not auspicious in this case.
(3) Ge (Ši) ---------- the internal shape and layout of a office
It is about to the internal space and plane functionfs design for a building, so should research the plane layout of a office from fengshui field, for example , the position ,aeration ,layout of a Geranal- Managerfs office , financing office , wash room, etc , all of these are included in gGeh.If a company is made up by several offices, so the General—Managerfs office and the financing office must be far from the entrance.
Generally speaking ,the general offices and meetting room should be set on the both sides of the antrance of a company, if there is a hall or front service next to the main door of a company , it likes the watergate lock in tradition fengshui. The position of a companyfs main door facing canft face the door of the General—Manager office or financting office directly. If it faces directly ,it is hard to gchang feng ju qih ( save wind and collect Qi). Also you shouldnft have a washing room facing the main door directly, meanwhild you shouldnft set the washing room on the center of the total floor for a company., if you do this ,there are so much bad Qi from the washing room spread over the surrounding offices, all the above—mentioned cases are appeared from Xing Fa . it is objective actually.
The plane placement can as per Yang Gong Fengshuifs 12 chang sheng gong (12 stages), Now letfs for example ,general office , financing office, meeting room etc should set in the Liu Xiu position, and the washing room and storage should set in the xiu Qiu position, but all of this you should consider the large external environment and the internal space firstly. Currently many fengshui masters use BaZai and Nine Stars to design the internal layout of the plane floor, both of two methods are included gLi Qihfs application. But these methods depart from the objective environment and the subjective useful function, as a result the useful function clash with the nature environment, then breaked the actual fengshui, so we canft use these methods. So this is the gGeh of fengshui.
(4) Xing-(«)-----the material and colour of buildings
Whether can select right material or not , it will affect the leading fengshui of buildings. There are so many kinds material of architecture, some material is smooth, such as glass, tile,and others is rough. Stone and steel is firm ,it is Yang .Qi can flow fastly through smooth material, then the rough material can spread Qi, brickfs breathability is better than stone, but the rough brick can stop the Qi flowing ,it is Ying. Wooden is belong to Ying ,glass is smooth and firm , it is belong to Yang. According to the external environmentfs airflow and the internal aeration condition , then to select the correct architeatural material. What this is the key of fengshui g riding sheng Qi inside, receiving Tang Qi outsideh ,been applied in modern architecture.
The colour is also important, generally speaking, when you select colour for a building ,firstly, you must consider that what is the building used for . for example ,if a kindergarten, you can select some lovely colour, if there is a political building , you should select clear colour. Selecting colour also should consider the geography and weather, for example if in cold area, you should select warm colour(for example red) , in the hot area you should select cool colour(for example blue), that is to say Ying and Yang in harmony. The warm colour and the cool colour can used together , but you should confirm one colour is the main ,the other is the assistant, but please remember that the two kinds of colour must assort with eath other in sight. You canft let the two colour be confused, if you do this , it wil affect the spirit condition of people who live in here.
Of course , Fengshui need as per the detail condition to dispose agilely, all in all ,hshenghis the leader. gKehis the assistant, according to the gShih to change , that is the real and essential secrets.

Paying attention to my next posting about yingzai( tomb)!

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