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Dec 8, 2009, 16:07
Hello everyone
It is very nice to share chinese ancient Yang Gong fengshui here.
How I woould like to introduce GGM Yang gong's history and his fengshu here.
After the capital of country was defeated by Huangchao, Yang yunsong who went upstream along Ganjang River and went through eighteen dangerous shoals with secret book of palace about fengshui got into Great basin Ganzhou. Then he found Shichuan Mountain like a rooster with bridle perk. After climbing to the mountain perk, he overlooked the below, the mountain likes TaijiBagua. Next he looked Ganzhou city, which is surrounded by Three Mountains and Three Lakes in distance, is full of the air of loong, a kind of lucky air. Moreover, there are a number of good fengshui caves in Gannanfs hills with a lot of mountains and rivers. So, Shichuan Mountain was named as the center of fengshui research where people go deep into science, pass skills on their apprentices, write fengshui works. The established fengshui theories at that time were famous and spreaded all over the world in the time of Ming and Qing.
Yang gong researched ,promoted ,tought disciples.and also written YGFS classic in ganzhou, for example <Qing Nang Ao Yu>.<Tian YU Jing>.<Yu Che JIng > ,,,,,also <Zang shu>. the interestest thing is that there are more 100 classical YGFS cases in ganzhou left by yang gong and his disciples. ancient pagoda, temple. ancestral hall ,grave and so on .
and I wll proof that what I said , it is true .so I share the real pictures of YGFS essential classical cases ,they can help you understand a good school of FS .

and this one ,will share you the pictures of ancient classical essentail cases in Ganzhou .
Untill now there are many fengshui practitioners come to ganzhou to research and review the ancient YGFS cases .at least it has 1000 years history.
snake shape,tiger shape. ancestral hall . Bao Hua temple ,1000 years ago ,many Japanese practitioners went here to exchange fegnshui with the chinese master.
having a good friendship with Japanese long long time ago in fengshui field.

Dec 8, 2009, 17:08
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if anyone want to know about chinese ancient classical fengshui cases .please contact with me .I am delighted to share the intersting history and real fengshui culture with all the people ,can i send my email [email protected]

hoping it can be successful!