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Nov 11, 2009, 21:42
I am a Chinese adoptee originally from Hong Kong, and I want to link with my heritage and people.

If you know any kind female (over 40) who'd like to make friends, maybe even travel with me around Asia (anywhere in the world), I would truly appreciate finding her.

I'd also love to find other adult Asian/transracial adoptees.

I'd be interested in volunteering in a traditional, health conscious and animal loving place. Mandarin speaking countries preferred.

Have a look at my profile if interested.


Dec 8, 2009, 16:11

jsut must over 40 , I am younger than 40 ,can make frind with you


Jan 1, 2010, 11:15
I'm a married Hong Kong expat, and I'd love to find a FEMALE ONLY travel friend around 40 to ocassionally travel with or to just socialise with while passing by your country.
I'm expecting to be in Hong Kong in Feb (extendable) and Nov 2010, and hope to backpack/volunteer in south China/Guilin in order to learn about my Asian roots/Mandarin and proper Chinese cooking, with a special interest in seeing my first Chinese New Years and Spring Festival.
- make friends with other Chinese ladies
- experience Chinese New Years
- learn/practice Mandarin with other female Chinese friends
- learn Chinese cooking (other cultural events/activities?)
- travelling/volunteering around Hong Kong and south China
- organising a Hong Kong Chinese Worldwide Adoptee reunion for Nov 2010
Other places of interest are south China, Japan, Philippines, Korea and so many more...
See my profile if interested.

Jan 4, 2010, 12:45
Dear friend

Thank you for your feetback, I am very interested in your message, now please allow me introduce myself to you here, I am a chinese lady, I like travelling too. enjoy differect sight all over the world
actaully ,I am planning to arrange a "chinese characteristic tour" .
1.Chinese Calligraphy Weaving and Embroidery Bronze Casting Ink Slab & Ink Stick
2.Sichuan Cuisine Story about Gongbao Jiding Chinese Western Cuisine The"Killer": Baijiu Bottoms Up! Drinking Games (Jiuling) Man Han Quan Xi Guangdong Cuisine Shandong Cuisine Jiangsu Cuisine Hunan Cuisine
3.The way of making tea The Categories of Tea Tea Wares Chinese Tea History
4.Double Ninth Festival Double Seventh Festival Dragon Boat Festival The Laba Festival Lantern Festival Spring Festival Qingming festival Chinese Mid-Autumn Festival Winter Solstice Festival
5.Features Chinese Garden Imperial architecture Palace (Gong) Dragon and Phoenix Pavilions(ting) Terrace(tai) Storeyed Building (lou) Storied Pavilion (Ge)
.6.Acupuncture and Moxibustion Chinese Herbal Medicine Cupping Massage
7.Beijing Opera Hebei Clapper Opera Huangmei Opera Hunan Huagu Opera Kun Opera Ping Opera Shaoxing Opera Yu Opera Yue Opera
8.Buddhism Catholicism Christianity Confucianism Islam Taoism
9.Professional Chinese Music Small-scale Instrumental Music & Chamber Music Choral Music Vocal Music Symphonic Music Traditional Chinese Music

10. a lots of nice place ,,good for you eye sight

I hope that the plan can come truth. I am looking forward to this "chinese characteristic tour" coming

By the way also liking to exchange with you and all the people who like travel

have a nice day

Jan 4, 2010, 21:18

Are you organising these activities or just attending them in China?
When are you participating in them and how much?



Jan 8, 2010, 16:24
Dear Luncinda
Thank you for your comments, also your attention. Next year I with my partner will organize an interesting "chinese characteristic Tour"
I am the organizer. it is a volunteer action, there are many travellingline for people to chose ,it include as follow travellingline:
1.tradition buildings line ,for example Great Wall.BinJing Palace, Song Dynasty Wall ,there are many ancient buildings left compeletly well untill now.
2. the original landscape for example wuyang village-----the first most beautiful village of china. meanwhile there are also other nice places, for example, Gui lin, Li jiang and so on.
3. Orligion travelling line:for example san Qing San( Taoism comes from here,in here you can experience the deep Taoism culture,of course here the sight is also pretty),
4. Red travelling line( this line will show your all the place and story regard to the CCP revolution period)
5. Food travellingline( chose characterisitic and deliciouse local food)
6. Fengshui ancient cases travelling ( bring you to review the ancient fengshui cases built 1200 years ago)
7. there are so many travelling line for you . so the cost is different ........
Time of the "chinese characteristic Tour" is on May 2010.
the detail information , I can send to you by e-mail.
I and my partners are designing the travelling line ,let is more reasonable, and more interesting. we will show you a characteristic Tour in china, share more interesting culture and nice place with all the people who like travelling.
I am looking farward to hear form all the people who like travelling , we will according to to the number of the participant , meanwhile according to the require from people ,so as to design better travelling line in china. we will be sure that can let all the participants enjoy our action.. that is our action's misstion..
We are waiting for you in china ! By the way if you like to experience our chinese spring festival . maybe I can help you , please don't worry. you jsut spend some fee for yourself trip(include ,hotel ,food. transportation and so on )..
I live in Ganzhou city Jiang Xi province China,
E-mail:[email protected]
my hand phone is: 13517079757


Jan 14, 2010, 19:58
I'm a married Hong Kong expat, and I'd love to find a FEMALE ONLY travel friend around 40 to ocassionally travel with or to just socialise with while passing by your country.

it's good idea for married lady and knowing languages ... interesting !!

Jan 18, 2010, 12:46
spend some time to do the real enjoyable thing for ourselves..it is exciting. at least that is from my bottom heart.