View Full Version : China tries again to prevent screening of Uighur film; Fails

Aug 9, 2009, 04:14

THE Chinese Government has threatened to end Melbourne's 29-year sister-city relationship with the city of Tianjin if Lord Mayor Robert Doyle does not intervene to stop the screening of a film about Uighur leader Rebiya Kadeer at the Town Hall today.

Mr Doyle has rejected the Chinese demands - as well as intense pressure from his own councillors to stop the screening of the controversial film.

The Chinese consul-general in Melbourne, Shen Weilian, requested an urgent meeting with Cr Doyle after the Melbourne International Film Festival on Wednesday moved the premiere of The 10 Conditions of Love to the 1500-seat Town Hall. The move sought to cater for unprecedented demand created by earlier Chinese attempts to ban the film.
As China continues to grow and participate in the international community, the Chinese people are going to have to accept that we of the West have a little thing called "freedom of expression."
In this free environment, you CANNOT force other people be quiet. You can disagree with their opinion, you can even offer a counter-argument, but you cannot just them people to shut up using political and economic exertion.
Here's an idea: China's pretty good at propaganda right? Well, they should make their own movie and show it in the film festival. Then people can watch both movies and decide what is truth and what is false. Realistic good idea right?
As far as China is concerned, they want to tell their side of the story. And their side only.
Any protesters, dissenters and anyone with an opinion that is not exactly the same as China's should be silenced with force.
The Chinese government knows what is good for you. You be an obedient citizen and be quiet.