View Full Version : China bans 'disgusting' TV ads

Sep 26, 2003, 17:53
BBC News : China bans 'disgusting' TV ads (http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/asia-pacific/3140064.stm)

China's television stations have been told they can no longer show commercials for feminine hygiene products, haemorrhoid ointments and other such items during mealtimes.

"Television and radio broadcasters' advertisements should respect the customs of the masses... and are not allowed to air commercials likely to disgust audiences," the Beijing Times said.

After the regime of Mao and one of the harsher version of communism ever, I'd expect Chinese not to be so sensitive to ads that, to the best of my knowledge, don't disturb anyone else in the rest of the world.

Just rules for the sake of it ! This is disgusting ! :D

Sep 26, 2003, 18:36
whats really funny about it is, if you've ever seen a chinese, or korean, tampon/maxi pad commercial, you can't even tell what its for til the end when it shows a box that says "tampax" on it. just shots of school girls running around or ladies riding bikes and lots of clouds, since when was that disgusting? :D

Tare. Aura Violette
Sep 26, 2003, 19:08
agreed. ^^;

same with other commercials over there in Korea as well ((probably china too))

I was watching a telly advert, and it is some chick dancing in all white, then in all black

... at very end? colour copier machine! :o