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Feb 9, 2008, 18:45
There is a thread about this already, but it was closed due to "problems", so this is just an information thread.
There is a function on the forum called the ignore button. If another member is getting too much for you then rather than start a flame war ending with threads closed, warnings, infractions, and in some cases, bannings (temporary and permanent) please consider using the ignore option instead.
What it entails is that you cannot see that persons posts, and hopefully cuts down on barbs and insults.
So please consider using this function in future rather than drag the threads down into the dirt.

Thank you.:-)

BTW: The only members you cannot put on ignore are staff members

Apr 10, 2009, 01:22
An update on ignore.
If you wish to put someone on the ignore list then click on My Settings. Then look down the Your Control Panel and on the Settings and Options you will see Edit Ignore list. Click on it and a screen will appear asking to add a member to the list. Just enter the name and click okay. You should then no longer be able to see any of that persons posts.

I've had to update this because the link in the first post no longer works, as the old thread moved to Eupedia.