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Jul 23, 2003, 13:22
Summer, especially late July to early August, is the season of fireworks :hanabi: in Japan. Almost every town has its own. People like to wear yukata (light cotton kimono) on the muggy summer nights to see the "hanabi" ԉ (literally "flower fire").

There are lots of fireworks in and around Tokyo. Here is a list of the most famous with the dates and stats for this year :

cԉΑ (Sumida-gawa Fireworks) (http://kanko-sumida.com/k_sumida/hanabi/)
Place : Asakusa
Date : 26th July
About 20.000 rockets
93.000 people expected


p؉΍ (Tokyo Bay Great Fireworks)
Place : around Tokyo Bay (visible from Hamamatsucho, Tsukiji, Harumi, etc)
Date : 10th August
About 13.000 rockets
About 65.000 people expected


]ːԉΑ Ess[ԉΑ (Edogawa and Ichikawa Fireworks)
Place : Along the Edo-gawa, near Ichikawa JR station
Date : 2nd August
About 14.000 rockets
About 139.000 people expected


ۉԉΑ (International Fireworks)
Place : Yokohama
Date : 20th July
About 6000 rockets (this year featuring "tama-chan", last year doraemon, a football for the World Cup and other animals like l\the cat below)
About 48.000 people.



You can also check this site Japanese Fireworks (http://www.japan-fireworks.com/eindex.html), available in English and Japanese, for more pictures and explanations.

Jul 31, 2003, 08:02
:D WOW that looks great. Very nice. I wish I could see it. :hanabi: :)

Sep 7, 2003, 04:30
Me too