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Oct 6, 2006, 23:31
China's Serious Pollution Problem

Are you going to China? Then I will tell you pollution in China is very serious. The Chinese and government official's environmental protection consciousness is very low. The Chinese industry economy increases quickly; pollution grows more serious more; and the great majority of Chinese are insensitive to the pollution. This is a Chinese, as well as, global disaster in the making. I request you help China.

Car and motorcycle traffic is increasing greatly. The population in China is multitudinous"1300000000".is five times as the population of the US. China is short of cultivated land. in spite of this case,The Chinese government is developing the private car industry greatly, new highway construction will take up large areas of land. Traffic accidents increased greatly. In 2003 200,000 people died in traffic accidents in China.

Building development is in mass confusion. Building technique is primitive and building in consuming large amounts of materials. In 2003 China poured 44% of the world's cement. Building a house will consume more amounts of cement brick and decorative colorful brick in China than The Western Nation. But these houses make little use of insulation letting heat flow out in the winter and letting the heat in during the hot summer months. House repairs are more difficult, too.chinese concerns beauty of own house very much,but chinese don't concern about environment round the house.they spend large money on their own house,but they are stingy in cost of the environment around their house.

Garbage removal is primitive.chinese don't know Garbage classification.waste plastic bags is visible everywhere. The Chinese people like to use plastic bags and batteries just once and then throw them away.china government pay great attention to beauty of city.they afford large money in images structure of city.but they pay little attention to garbage classification.large amounts of garbage is made by large consumption.

River is polluted by chemical fertilizer,pesticide,herbicides,chemical synthetic detergent(washing powders),industry waste water,human excrement and urine,garbage.waste water excrement and urine flow directly into river without any sanitation practices.the most river in china is unsuitable for drinking.many china people is harmed by drinking water in polluted river.

Education in protecting environment is blank. People's understanding and concept of protecting the environment is quite low. China's people are poor, but they are not frugal.Chinese are concerned the beauty of house but don't concerned the beauty of environment,Chinese are concerned about their own health but don't care about environmental health. They like to inject and swallow more medicines,eat more wild animals, but they don't realize that the polluted food, water and air is threatening their health greatly.

China is imitating the West's high pattern of consumerism. Chinese hope per a people owning private car and Motorcycle,living big and big house. Consuming large power source as Western nations do. The Chinese government is making effort to realize this aim. China is producing large cars and motorcycles, large cement and brick.Exploiting large coal mines and oil field, large ore mines. Building large multi-story buildings and huge highway construction patterns. Enlarging blindly more and more area of cities and towns land. Large areas of land are damaged by the exploitation of natural resources.

The population in China is multitudinous, 1.3 billion(perhaps 1.4or1.5 billion)people, five times the population of the US. China is short of cultivated land. The actual situation demands that China doesn't imitate the West's high consumption. China should develop electronic information consumption. Should develop economizing energy industries. If not, the Chinese would ruin their own environment,in further more, affect the global environment.

The Chinese don't realize that pollution is their most dangerous enemy.

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I like green.like science.like internet.like to live in a small house around plants trees.oppose high consumption.

Jun 10, 2011, 00:25
Large area of lands in china are damaged by Cement Concrete building

more than two hundred thousand square kilometers of farmland are damaged by Cement Concrete heavy building industry in china nearly two decades.

Building development is in confusion in china. Building technique is primitive and large amounts of materials are consumed, China poured 50% of the world's cement and steel, Building a house will consume more cement steel and brick in China than the western nations. But these houses make little use of insulation letting heat flow out in the winter and letting the heat in during the hot summer months.The Cement Concrete House repairs are more difficult, too.

Your mobile house and prefab house technology is advanced very much,that is built with light materials so it can be taken down, assembled, or removed easily. it don't destroy farmland.

I wish your product(Manufactured House) can enter china,

Feb 28, 2014, 20:37
Its a major problem with a lot of countries and i have the same opinion,It should be treated in the right way so yeah mate i agree on that and the govt take some serious action about it.