View Full Version : Native Chinese speakers can you review this for me.

May 28, 2006, 11:53
Native Chinese speakers can you review this for me.Tell me what I should change and what is not true. Or what should I add.

nice gaijin
May 28, 2006, 12:16
if you are referring to your site, perhaps you should include a link?

May 28, 2006, 12:35
Opps....How could I be so clumsy, any ways here is the link...

May 29, 2006, 06:53
I will look at it later...when I have more time...

May 29, 2006, 08:58
Thanks in advance.
Please check it out soon.

May 29, 2006, 09:25
Learn Chinese 2:

WARNNING : You must download chinese encoding, goto google.com and search it. Then continue.

WARNING: You must download Chinese encoding if you don't already have it. Go to google.com and search for it, then continue.

That still doesn't say just what to search for, but it's an improvement.

May 29, 2006, 11:01
歡迎"學會國語"! - Traditional
欢迎"学会普通话"! - Simplified

Er, Maybe '欢迎"学习普通话"!' will be more better?

May 30, 2006, 06:08
ŸcŒ}"›{˜ðš Œê"! - Traditional
欢Œ}"Šw‰ï•’Ê话"! - Simplified
Er, Maybe '欢Œ}"Šw习•’Ê话"!'@will be more better?

Actually I think the term ŸcŒ}"›{KŠ¿Œê or’†•¶" is better. This is becauseš Œê means the national language of the country. So for the Japanese their š Œê is Japanese, for the French their š Œê is French and for the Australians their š Œê is English and so on...

I prefer 欢Œ}Šw习’†•¶/, Š¿语because literally ’†•¶ means the Chinese literature/language where as •’Ê话 literally means common language.Š¿语 means the language of the Hans which is another good choice in my opinion.

May 30, 2006, 06:34
Keep giving me ideas and helping me out, I will update once I get a lot of idea.

May 30, 2006, 06:49
‰ä˜ô”‡ŒÂâ‹êy›{˜ðÅŒ˜d, ‘½Éu˜b“IŒêŒ¾—eˆÕ›{˜ðBˆ×Y›õš Œê? š Œê¥u˜b“I’†š l, •ÀŠŽ’†•¶Åu—¹˜b’ʉߍݐ¢ŠE”VŠOB›€¥‹Ï勻¬ˆ×‘æ“ñŽíŒ ꌾ‘œ ¼”ljåŒê, ‘¦‰pŒê, ˜a “úŒê" B

Should read: traditional
‰ä˜ô”‡ŒÂâ‹êy¥‘z›{˜ðÅ¢“ï, Å‘½lu“IŒêŒ¾Žg—pÅ—eˆÕ“I•û–@˜Ò›{˜ðBˆ×Y›õ›{Š¿Œê/’†•¶? Š¿Œê¥’†š l“Iš ŒêB •ÀŠŽ’†•¶¥¢ŠEÅ‘½lu“IŒêŒ¾B›€ŠJŽn¬ˆ×‘½lu“I‘æ “ñŽíŒêŒ¾‘œ ¼”ljåŒê, ‰pŒê, ˜a “úŒê" ˆêžéB

‰ä˜ô这˜¢â‹“_Šw‰ïÅ坚d, ‘½”讲话“I语Œ¾—eˆÕŠw‰ïB为Y么•’ʁ ? •’ʁ ¥讲话“I’†‘l, ›óŠŽ’†•¶Å讲—¹话’Ê过Ý¢ŠE”VŠOB›€¥‹Ïú‰¬为‘æ“ñ种语Œ¾Û ¼”ljå语, ‰p语, ˜a “ú语 B

The simplied version is the same correction but in simplified version, you can type it up yourself?

I am up to the "About" section of your website, the rest I will take a look later, maybe you can ask 4321go too?

Jun 16, 2006, 10:56
4321go can you help me, please?