View Full Version : Indian have eight reasons of getting ahead china.

May 8, 2006, 22:44
Have a look at the competition between the newly-built economy countries----India and China. eight reasons show that India may get ahead China.
1. The layout of large private firms in India is as 5 double as China. China's private firms obtain loan from the national bank hardly, this provid profits to alien firms. up to now, no firms in China can balance with out-nation compay, but in India, most private firms have space in international markets.
2. Indian finance sectors loan the firms by following the market rules. Professionals estimate, the broken account would be 15%, while in China it's 25% or higher.
3. Bulk of population in India would be youth. 40% of population is over 30 years oldm, while in china the number is 30%. by 2050, 1/3 of population in China will be over 60, while in India it's 1/5 in India.
4. India's firms respect more patent knowledge rights than China. Consequently, some electronic-gas companies move researching departments to India. India's legislation policy would take the British forms as model, which more appreciative by European frims.
5. Both countries concentrate on education. but china concentrate on primary education; India concentrate on higher educationl.India has 14 million graduaters, doubles than china. the number of graduaers in America is 80 thousand, while it is 62 thousand in China.
6. Indian investors grew up in western countries pour into home. what's more, the high technolgy firms obtain fames in internation. although China invest on high techonlgy, but the achivements cannot compare with India at some points.
7. Professional class command English in India. China rely on portion of students trained in western collegue to contact with wester countries. many people lack international knowledge structure.
8. India need to extend the inversement in basic construction. In helping poor, society guarantee, and medical service. she need to catch up with China. India promate seris of reforms, opening many share market and others to alient firms. for China, some western observers worry about the maintenance of the chinese reform.