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Oct 17, 2005, 22:20
I cant suggest this movie enough.

It basicly covers the life of the last emperor of China, and i found it to be a thoroughly attention grabbing, moving peice of film.

it doesnt have war, it doesnt have a lovey gushy love story of romantic gushyness, theres no sci-fi, its not the kinda movie you should watch if your just out for a no-brainer vegetation movie of harmless entertainment, if you watch this movie you should be prepared to be thoroughly in its grip, and to feel emotion from it.

Its somewhat similar in fashion to the pianist except theres a lack of war, though i loved the pianist aswell.

I dont wanna get into too much detail since i'll end up totaly spoiling the whole thing, but suffice to say it follows the whole life of the last chinese emperor, from a little boy through a pretty lost and sad adulthood, and finishes up nicely at the end, he isnt the emperor again, this isnt fiction but, for some reason despite how far hes come it seems to end on a nice note.

A beautiful film i wish i had seen earlier, i love my sci-fi and stuff, but sometimes, like the pianist and this movie, i just want to watch an emotionally stirring peice, and if your looking for a deep movie to watch, which doesnt rely on old hollywood norms of a hero and out of this world characters and settings, then by all means pick it up at a video rental or something, it really is a must see. :cool:

Though as i said, if your really in the mood for more light hearted and "entertaining" film, then give it a miss for now, but who knows, if you start watching it you might very well get pulled into it :S, god knows i used to think the last samurai was the best movie ever, and though i enjoy deep movies ive never considored them actual favorates up there with my other choices but the last emperor is arguably one of my favorates.

Anyhow, thats my movie suggestion, since i dont want to seem like im just spamming a "i saw this movie, it rocks, you all need to see it", feel free to suggest movies YOU watched and felt you enjoyed alot, since, im sure we all know that feeling if "god that movie rocked/moved me so much!, it would be a crime NOT to share it with others! :souka: "


Dutch Baka
Oct 18, 2005, 01:38
GREATTTTTTTT MOVIE, i have it at home, very interresting!!!! * nice japanese girl in it to btw.. nice clothes!!.. ahum

Oct 18, 2005, 18:33
That it is, that it is.

Oct 18, 2005, 18:43
I greatly enjoyed watching The Last Emperor; it made that part of Asian history come alive, seen through the eyes of Aisinjioro Fuyi, the last emperor of Qing China, that might have been dull in the dusty pages of the Abdication of Fuyi histories. Much of what he had to go through was fundamentally a shared experience of the royal family of Korea, and I could weep for Fuyi as I would have for the late soverigns of Choson dynasty. What role of "self-defense" did that Imperial Japan play ? I'll keep mumsie so as not to spoil your fun.

Another great movie that I'd like to share is "Goodbye Lenin" of Berlinale 2003 (http://www.filmint.nu/netonly/eng/berlinale2.htm) by German director Wolfgang Becker.
Finally, the coup-de-gras of Berlin 2003 – another German film, no less, a film about Berlin, at that. And a comedy to boot. The film is Good Bye, Lenin! and did, as comedies rarely do in competitions, not win any top bears, but it did get a well-deserved Blue Angel award for best European film.

Recalling that great Böll novella, Nicht nur zur Weihnachtszeit, Wolfgang Beckerfs Good Bye, Lenin! starts out in East Berlin in the late 1970fs and ends up in the early 1990fs, when therefs no more wall and just one Berlin with very little of the eastern days left (they only kept the traffic lights with arrows, which was found more useful than the western ones without). Itfs a time of great change for everyone, not least the Kerner family, and especially Mutter Kerner. She has, since her husband defected, put great effort into raising her two children and devoting even more energy into the Party. Come autumn 1989, she is a well-respected GDR citizen, just on her way to a festive party function, when she suddenly falls down from a heart attack. She survives, but spends eight months in a coma, during which there are severe changes in the city, the country and the Party.

Once revitalised, she is warned not to submit herself to any shock what so ever, and so her devoted son Alex decides that shefd better not know anything about those external affairs. Now bedridden, she is taken home and placed in her room, where everything is like it always was, down to the right brands of eastern pickles and (through the ingeniousness of some tampering with video technology) the television news shows ("GDR, the home of the micro chip!").

But what to do when a great Coca-Cola sign is placed right outside of her window? Alex has to be more and more enterprising, as the world around him gradually changes. A script like that has to be a dream for many a director, but also easily screwed up – Becker certainly proves himself astonishingly capable of mixing the fun with the serious, and comes up with one of this years most amicable pieces of cinema.I enjoyed the film at several levels, one of which is the mock crudeness with which the director tries to convey a feeling for Easternness, but the great visual perspective betrays a high level of artisitc reason. You will pick up all kinds of ideas in overlay resulting in a rich movie that is also light hearted despite it.


Oct 19, 2005, 00:10
Sounds a good watch, lex :)

Dec 22, 2005, 19:29
Hi, guys. Do you know "]̉܁EŌ̍c" this show? This is a Japanese movie, it talks about the great great great love between Pujie VS (Puyi's brother) and Hiro _ (From Japan Royal family). In 1930s, China and Japan were mutual enemy, how a Chinese and a Japanese seek a true love from this chaotic era?!?!?!