View Full Version : Arrested con-specialists allowed to advertise on Tokyo government buses

Jul 2, 2005, 10:08
Mainichi Shimbun : Scandal-hit firms continued to advertise on Tokyo buses (http://mdn.mainichi.co.jp/news/20050701p2a00m0dm016000c.html)

Two scandal-hit renovation companies continued to post advertisements on Tokyo metropolitan buses until last year even though Tokyo officials had received consumer complaints about both firms, it has been learned.

Former employees of the Samnin home renovation group are under arrest for allegedly using deceitful tactics to con residents into ordering needless, expensive home renovations.
Officials at the Center for Consumer Life Information in Tokyo said a flood of complaints about the two companies had been received. At least one customer had complained of being threatened after trying to cancel a contract.

In fiscal 2001, center officials said 38 complaints against were made against MHS, followed by seven complaints the following year. Consumers made 32 complaints against Samnin East in fiscal 2002, and 65 the following financial year.

That wouldn't be such a scandal if it wasn't the Tokyo Metropolitan Government of Shintaro Ishihara that was in charge of the buses.