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Oct 4, 2004, 12:50
Lawyers to seek law protecting human rights of foreigners (http://www.japantimes.co.jp/cgi-bin/getarticle.pl5?nn20041004a1.htm)

A group of lawyers plans to call for legislation aimed at protecting the human rights of non-Japanese and reducing discrimination against them, group members said Sunday.

The committee's proposal calls for the guarantee of foreigners' voting rights in local elections and their right to ethnic and mother-language education, as well as for sufficient social security and a ban on discrimination.

More than 2 million foreigners are estimated to be living in Japan, including illegal immigrants. While the country is becoming more diversified, there are cases in which non-Japanese are treated unfavorably in jobs or are rejected as tenants or customers.

"Japan's judicial system needs to be changed from one that treats foreigners as objects of control -- as seen in alien registration laws -- to one that centers on human rights," he said.

Good to see that some people actually care about this.

Oct 4, 2004, 13:37
Good to see that some people actually care about this.

Yes! And if they could include protecting the rights of biological fathers (foreigners and Japanese), it would be even better! Either way, it's good they are moving in this direction. :cool:

Oct 6, 2004, 16:58
This is a post in Bakudan.com, Japan Today Forum members' members forum (uh...bit complicated) made by one of its members. I don't know if similar post is made on this, but I'd like to share this for all of you.

All lawyers associated with the bar associations throughout Japan can have their services provided with support from Legal Aid.

The laws backing Legal Aid forbid discrimination in terms of nationality and race. However, the lawyers supported by Legal Aid are not very familiar with the concept nor the laws backing the concept (especially where they are liable to promote Legal Aid throughout their community) and therefore, one needs a good understanding to push for its use with the bar association.

That information can be found at the below link:


If you look at the top of the page, you will find the link to the site in English, and the information is very substantial. Become familiar with the laws backing Legal Aid and one never has to be afraid of using a lawyer again.

Keep this in mind: if you don't have any real money for a lawyer, it doesn't matter until you have received initial consultation which must be provided by over 5000 lawyers at prefectural and other bar associations throughout the country.

If a lawyer decides that there is merit to your case (and usually there is a 95% chance of this being the case because violations are so rarely reported), then it comes to money. All one has to do is provide a tax statement or a salary receipt from a position to be judged whether able to receive Legal Aid. But you also don't need anyone's judgement for the requirements are printed in clear English at the website listed above.

If a lawyer says you are not eligible after your financial limitations have been easily backed up with the tax statement and salary proof, then suggest to that lawyer that the first person you intend on suing is him for refusing you accomodation as the law has provided.

Blah blah blah.......if ANYONE needs a lawyer for any reason, contact your local bar association and make it clear the matter is urgent. I suggest just showing up rather than making a phone call.