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Nov 8, 2002, 21:34
From "Lonely Planet Online" (http://www.lonelyplanet.com/scoop/archive.cfm?DPID=437&region=asi)

Japan Aims to Woo Visitors
Desperate after 12 years of economic stagnation, Japan is aiming to woo international visitors to help get its growth rate back in the black. World Tourism Organisation figures show that Japan had a staggering tourism deficit of US$28 billion last year - 16.2 million Japanese made overseas trips, while only 4.8 million foreigners visited Japan. While the 'Land of the Rising Sun' has often shunned the idea of endeavouring to attract visitors, its positive experience in co-hosting this year's soccer World Cup has it eyeing up further moves to promote itself as a tourist destination. Despite widespread warnings of foreign hooligans going on potential rampages, mainly well-behaved foreign tourists turned up for the World Cup finals and authorities noted the positive benefits to local economies. There are now calls to improve infrastructure, and the government has upped the budget for promoting Japan overseas by 10 times last year's amount. Tokyo Governor Shintaro Ishihara has instituted a scheme for street performers - including magicians, singers and other performing artists - in a bid to create a vibrant city attractive to visitors. The capital also has a new 'bed tax' to raise cash for overseas tourist promotion. Other centers are also seeing foreign tourists as a solution to their woes and are making efforts to become more visitor-friendly.

Nov 8, 2002, 23:48
I wouldn't mind visiting rural Japan on my vacations. Heck, I wouldn't mind visiting awesome metropolis like Tokyio. :D

Big cities don't appeal to me very much. A couple of years ago I visited New York and the best things I enjoyed was Central Park, the squirrels and the Metropolitan Museum. I spent only one afternoon on it and I only got to see the Egiptian wing... :(

Someday I'll go there again and finish seign the rest of the wings.


I remember reading or watching on TV about some sort of tourist atraction that was an.... english victorian village in the center of japan? I heard they built it so japanese students could have a feel of what the english traditions and languages felt like. Does anyone know what and where this is?

Nov 9, 2002, 02:12
@ mock up towns
Japan is spotted all over with ABC-Worlds. They were built during the Bubble economy but many have seen better days.

@ tourist ready
Sapporo is already that. Most street signs and Subway annoucements are in English. Well, the subway bit was an addition before the World Cup.

Up here we have many many Chinese tourists and a quit a few Russians too.

@ In General
I would love to see Japan open up a bit more and hope that this becomes a reality.

Nov 9, 2002, 03:45
...and become trully a metropolitan state? What about right-wingers, purists in Japan? I remember about one famous japanese that commited suicide because he advocated a "pure" japan free of outside influences.

How do Japanese see foreigners in their country? I've already read some posts in this forum but I haven't a opinion about this subject. Well, this is off-topic, sorry. :)

Anyone know about foreign turists rates by country of origin? That should be interesting. :)

Nov 11, 2002, 01:14
Mishima Yukio ... hmmm, I think he was aiming more for an Emperor led vs US/Europe lead. Amazing man, and also a great writer.

tourist rates? Like what many countries do to the Japanese? Hmm, haven't heard of any if anything the Japanese tend to be more lenient to the GAIJIN than to their own.

@ personal feeling
I feel like a well treated guest at best, a monkey on display at times (not exactly a bad thing but ... he look he can use chopsticks type of thing occurs a lot) and a pest at worst.

I wonder what the Japanese really think?