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  1. Shoplifters Targeting Food
  2. Onsen contaminated by Legionnaires bacteria
  3. Kirin launch Egyptian Ale in Japan
  4. Tokyo, a tropical city ?
  5. Crazy about food ?
  6. Japan to exterminate non-natives
  7. Cigarettes banned of Tokyo's streets
  8. Japan a touristical country ?
  9. Japan Communists' drinking ban
  10. Quakes rattle Japanese north
  11. 6- earthquake rocks Eastern Hokkaido
  12. Japanese man stalks, then sues Britney Spears !
  13. Japan confirms new mad cow case
  14. Japan hit by medical malpractice
  15. Japan reports third bird flu case
  16. School teachers obliged to sing national anthem or face punishment
  17. Japanese pilot dozes off twice during 1h flight
  18. Tokyo remains the world's most expensive city
  19. Tokyo experiences highest ever temperature
  20. Deceased dogs increasingly worshipped at Bon festival
  21. 12th case of mad cow confirmed in Japan
  22. 90% of ambulances dispatched in Tokyo are for non emergencies
  23. Deadliest typhoon in a decade wrecks Japan
  24. M 6.8 earthquakes strike Niigata and Japanese Alps
  25. Tokyo hard hit by Global Warming
  26. Japanese rush on Kit-kat lucky charm
  27. Japan plagued by house fires in winter
  28. Over 80% of Japanese support death penalty
  29. PoW not willing to forgive the Japanese
  30. Powerful earthquake hits Fukuoka and Northern Kyushu, over several million people...
  31. Train derails in Hyogo prefecture killing at least 49 people
  32. Geological fault under Tokyo 10x shallower than previously thought
  33. M5 earthquake rocks Tokyo
  34. M6 earthquake hits Miyagi prefecture
  35. 170,000 commuters stranded in Tokyo
  36. Saddam novel go on sale in Japan
  37. Belgian embassy in Tokyo to be sold for 65 billion yen
  38. Le Pain Quotidien to open in Japan
  39. Eating seaweed creates new digestive enzyme among the Japanese
  40. Yakuza fight the crisis by stealing bee hives
  41. New 634m-high Tokyo Tower set to open in 2011
  42. ANA introduces women-only toilets in long-haul flights
  43. New French-Japanese supersonic passenger airplane to halve flight time
  44. 8.9 earthquake followed by massive tsunami hits eastern Japan
  45. Meltdown at Fukushima is worst nuclear accident since Chernobyl
  46. Emperor Akihito announces that he wishes to abdicate