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  1. Enjo Kosai : the issue of teenage prostitution
  2. New Japanese banknotes get feminist
  3. promiscous youth and AIDS
  4. Acute case of linguistic 'disconnectivity'
  5. Two-thirds of working women quit jobs to have 1st child
  6. New law to ban kids from online dating sites
  7. Sexless couples and train molestations
  8. Japanese shy on kissing, but free when it comes to nudity and porn
  9. Japan's 101-year-old bar maid
  10. Gang rape "virile and normal"
  11. Foreign parents usually lose their children to Japanese ex-spouse
  12. Single, childless and happy !
  13. Xmas & Love Hotels in Japan
  14. Aum's lingering legacy
  15. 40% of Japanese women don't expect spouses to help with childcare
  16. Japan's empire of cool
  17. Japan now has over 20.000 centenarians
  18. Japan urged by US to combat sex slavery
  19. Tokyo mulls ban on sex for kids
  20. Japan among world's highest for heart attack risk
  21. Japan's high life expectancy
  22. Why are Japanese women either in a hurry to get married or just don't
  23. Street manners
  24. 20% of Japanese University student with 13 to 15 year-old reading abilities
  25. Comparing Japan and the world => lifetsyle and confidence in social institutions
  26. Comparing Japan and the world => tolerance & prejudices
  27. Molestation on trains rise to all time high in Tokyo
  28. 70% of Japanese women say they don't need a partner to be happy
  29. Lefthanders in Japan
  30. Japan's leper colonies
  31. Body hair
  32. Human-trafficking at record 79 cases but number more likely in thousands
  33. Japan's bad half : the puerile, the irresponsible, the perverted, and the handicapped
  34. Asbestos plagues Japan as officials failed to ban the killer substance
  35. Asbestos revealed in many Japanese stations
  36. Asbestos used in at least 20% of Japanese homes
  37. Japan ranked 11th by U.N. for quality of life
  38. 1,195,000 die in Japan !
  39. Japan : fastfood paradise ?
  40. Are you bothered by girls making up in the metro ?
  41. Ainu recognised as indigenous people of Japan
  42. Miscellaneous news articles on Japanese society
  43. The issue of child pornography in Japan
  44. Paul Theroux's Tokyo