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  1. Japanese afraid of Brazilian tourists as World Cup approaches
  2. Japan is not an asylum country
  3. Indian wins damages for skin query
  4. Little rectification about dual nationality
  5. Foreigners receive a raw deal in Japan for petty crimes
  6. For or against the "gaikokujin tourokusho" ?
  7. No. of crimes involving foreigners in 2003 tops 40,000
  8. al-Qaida Suspect Hid in Open in Japan
  9. How Japanese blame foreigners for their own crimes
  10. Koizumi gets emotional in Brazil
  11. High court rejects compensation claim over racial discrimination at bathhouse
  12. Lawyers to seek law protecting human rights of foreigners
  13. Japan mulls multicultural dawn
  14. 13-year old orphan Thai girl may be kicked out of Japan
  15. Will Japanese massacre foreigners if a major earthquake hits Tokyo again ?
  16. Japan-born half-Korean barred from public function
  17. Fluent Foreigners Now Accepted In Japan!
  18. Japan's human trafficking and prositution rings controlled by politicians
  19. Revisions to hotel laws stretched by police to target foreigners
  20. Common Japanese misconceptions regarding foreigners
  21. Why do the Japanese make so much fuss about "gaijin" ?
  22. Have you encountered discrimination or prejudices in Japan ?
  23. No Japanese credit cards for foreigners ?
  24. For our Japanese readers : Things you should not say to Westerners
  25. Japanese citizens living abroad
  26. Japanese citizens living abroad OFFTOPIC about visa requirements and cost in various countries
  27. UN investigator recognised that Japanese racism is deep and profound
  28. Why don't the Japanese differentiate more between foreigners ?
  29. Assumptions that gaijin cannot speak Japanese (at all)
  30. Role of the media in emphasizing racial discrimination
  31. English-friendly Japan
  32. Why become Japanese ?
  33. Japan more accommodating to English speakers than to speakers of other languages
  34. Cute racism a la japonaise ?
  35. What connotation does the term "gaijin" have for you ?
  36. Chinese & Japanese share same attitude towards Westerners
  37. Interesting articles about immigration issues in Japan
  38. Evolution of registered foreigners in Japan : Brits and Aussies are leaving
  39. What IS the real story about Sinophobia?