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  1. Nikkei at a 19 year low
  2. South Korea Up, Japan Down !
  3. Are Japan's long-awaited economic reforms finally coming ?
  4. Nintendo get fined 146m euro by EU
  5. Maciamo News
  6. Japanese banks stock quotes
  7. Tokyo a financial centre ? But until when...
  8. Government to intervene in stock prices
  9. Rural exodus leaves local economies down
  10. Japanese Economy recovering after 13 years of slump ?
  11. What makes Japanese business efficient ?
  12. Getting better ?
  13. Seven bank groups slash 1.4 trillion off deferred tax assets
  14. LDP against banks entering insurance business
  15. Video News : Invest in Japan !
  16. Japan debt hits 5.5 mil. yen per person
  17. UFJ and Tokyo-Mitsubishi Bank plan mega-merger
  18. Real unemployment in Japan reaches 25.5%
  19. Sony-led group to buy MGM for $5 billion
  20. Citibank Japan ordered to close four offices over legal breaches
  21. Japanese corporations increasingly shifting to Western-style management
  22. Japan's GDP growth for 2004 likely to be 0,3% instead of 6%
  23. Trusts, oligopolies and price-fixing the norm in Japan
  24. Japanfs trade surplus shrinks 60% in January
  25. Japanese multi-billionaire arrested for fraud
  26. Foreign investment in Japan surpasses Japanese investment abroad for 1st time
  27. Big Japanese banks lose rank for capital, but show slight signs of recovery
  28. Japan's economy : More mountains to climb
  29. Avergae Japan land prices still down, but Tokyo up for first time in 15 years
  30. Japan's public debt worsening to scary proportions
  31. Slow change, but change; will Japan finally recover from its recession ?
  32. Japan, manga-isolationist ?
  33. Japanese pachinko money supporting North Korea
  34. An excellent article on the "salaryman" system
  35. Tuna fishing suspended in Japan
  36. Japan: as egalitarian as... India ?
  37. Just how seriously will Toyota's problems affect the Japanese economy ?
  38. Japan's share of global video game industry falls to only 10%
  39. Japan GDP
  40. Japanese doctors paid less than English teachers