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  1. Japan court rejects germ warfare case
  2. Fujimori to be extradite - or not ?
  3. Japan set to send troops to Iraq
  4. Al Quaeda threat on Tokyo
  5. Japan, China to experiment on broadband cell phone
  6. U.S. wants presence at any police questioning of military personnel
  7. Japan to introduce missile shield
  8. Koizumi shrine visit ruled unconstitutional
  9. Japan's agonised wrestling with its past
  10. Japan's backward legal system
  11. No Green Party at the Japanese Parliament means a lot
  12. US backs change in Japan's pacifist constitution
  13. Shimane is Japan's most corrupt prefecture
  14. Rampant use of underground money at the LDP
  15. Japanese courts to introduce jury system
  16. Japan rejects war shrine lawsuit
  17. Japan disliked by 60% of neighbours
  18. Should Japan abandon the "16-rays rising sun flag" ?
  19. Japan names day after Hirohito
  20. LDP official suggests moving war criminals from Yasukuni
  21. General Tojo Hideki's granddaughter insists that Japan fought a war of self-defence
  22. UNSC bid of Japan, Germany, India and Brazil rejected. Is Japan to blame ?
  23. Japanese Diet not bastion of free speech
  24. Japanese political candidates prohibited from using websites for their campaign
  25. Koizumi recruits celebrities to run in election as LDP candidates
  26. Japanese living abroad to re-obtain voting rights
  27. LDP set to legalise Japanese army soon
  28. Japan's interesting new Prime Minister
  29. Selection of interesting articles about Japanese politics
  30. Kan chosen as new Japanese Prime Minister