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  1. Driving in Japan
  2. Best bakeries in Tokyo and Japan
  3. What are your motivations to live in Japan ?
  4. Pro & cons off living in Japan or in Europe - Cost of medical care & education
  5. Tokyo's most popular residential areas (for Tokyoites)
  6. Service at Japanese post offices
  7. What's your favourite part of Tokyo?
  8. Pro & cons of living in Tokyo (as a foreigner)
  9. Japanese translation of Driving licence
  10. Japanese doctors, hospitals and pharmacies
  11. What is the best city to live in Japan outside Tokyo ?
  12. VAT in Japan
  13. Japanese milk preservation
  14. What do you like about living in Japan ?
  15. Japan : Top 5 pros, cons, reliefs and disappoitments
  16. Do you ever feel lonely in Japan ?
  17. Do you own your house/apartment in Japan ?
  18. Partying in Japan FAQ : where are the gaijin-friendly clubs and bars ?
  19. Do you prefer a house with or without tatami and fusuma ?
  20. What do you think of Love Hotels ?
  21. Rich neighbourhoods in Tokyo
  22. Tokyo, convenient or not ?
  23. Belgian chocolate shops in Tokyo
  24. Americans needed for documentary film (Tokyo)
  25. International Moving Companies: From Japan to the Canada! Ever used one?