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  1. For Literature Buffs: Lu Xun (Zhou Shuren)
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  5. China & the Origins of Culture & Inventions
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  10. Remeasure length of the Great Wall
  11. Looking for Chinese veterans of Zhenbaodao 1969
  12. Need China to apologize for Korea war?
  13. How Would China Have Be If The Nationalist Party Won The Civil War?
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  16. Genetic origin of Chinese people
  17. type of religion belief
  18. How different is American-Chinese food from real Chinese food ?
  19. The myth of tortoises...
  20. Help in finding source for terracotta warriors
  21. Movie: 'Infernal Affairs' / 'The Departed' (Hollywood remake)
  22. China & Tibet
  23. Information required for terra cotta warriors
  24. China (And East Asia In General) Should Return To Its Cultural Roots
  25. Fun of chinese kungfu in english
  26. CCP's History
  27. Port Arthur massacre : how many Chinese were killed by the Japanese ?
  28. History of Science & Technology in China
  29. Ancient Chinese of European descent
  30. China's 800 year-old sunken merchant ship
  31. Erlitou Ruins
  32. Historiography of China
  33. Qilin i
  34. about Chinese martial arts of lion dancing and dragon dancing
  35. Chinese recorded history is over 4.000 years and not 3.000 years
  36. A non-Buddist paying respect to Guan Gong
  37. From Transaction Cost to the Corruption in Ancient China (1)
  38. Chinese Character in Japan, Korea and Vietnam Writing System
  39. 5000 years of chinese civilization ? Really ?
  40. Chinese ancient Yang Gong Fengshui
  41. Fengshui of Architectural application for modern city through
  42. What is/are the greatest Chinese contribution(s) to the world ?
  43. 4,000-year old Yellow River deluge myth may be grounded in reality