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Naruto (anime review)

Reviewed by Maciamo

I admit not being a specialist in the field of anime, but Naruto is certainly the best anime series I've seen so far. It has the emotional intensity of romance, while combing actions and moral code of friendship and essential relationship issues. Lots of characters have deep and unique personalities, and make me want to compare Masashi Kishimoto to Shakespeare for his understanding of human psychology.

The world of Naruto itslef is an imaginary one amalgamating a lost ideal traditional Japanese world of ninja (and samurai), with strict moral codes and feudal wars, with elements of modernity such as television and cup ramens. There are no cars or concrete roads, no sign of Westernization or contact to the outside world, eventhough the technology and school system are unmistakably contemporary. Houses and ninja techniques are purely imaginary, which adds charm to the atmosphere.

The music

Technically, the various theme music of Naruto are tremendously charged with emotions and fit exactly the situation. In fact, some pieces of music from Naruto have become so popular that they are now used on TV shows and other programmes in Japan. The begining and ending music require a separate note. They have changed about 4 times each so far, but my favourite are the two original ones that were really excellent, then "kanashimi wo yasashisa ni" (begining). But frankly all the others range from disappointing to downright irritating (especially the ending music).

In conclusion, Naruto is not one of the most popular anime of the moment for nothing. It has everything to please and is definitely worth a watching.

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