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Tetsuya Komuro
Written by Jack Herbert

Japan's answer to Pete Waterman

Tetsuya Komuro Tetsuya Komuro (aka TK) - songwriter, producer, and talent scout extraordinaire - has single-handedly revolutionised the Japanese music industry.

A precocious talent, Komuro started studying violin at the age of 3. In 1986, he formed a popular rock group, TM Network, with university friends, but found more success producing and writing songs for other artists, like Seiko Matsuda.

Many criticize the lack of creativity or imagination in his songs, but by making dance music which people can sing along to, Komuro has been able to simultaneously conquer the dancefloor and the karaoke box.

His canny songwriting and knowledge of the industry has created some of J-Pop's biggest stars, including hitomi, Namie Amuro and globe (a 3-piece dance band including himself).

A marketing mastermind, he also started the popular trend of advertising campaign tie-ins with pop songs, helping him become one of Japan's wealthiest people.

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